Wiivv Ambassador & Insole Arrival

I am someone who loves when technology and design come together to create something unique and innovative, last year when my run friends on the west coast were all a chatter about a new Kickstarter for a brand called Wiivv, I was all over it!

Originally founded in 2014 by Louis-Victor Jadavji and Shamil Hargovan based in Vancouver, BC the marriage of 3D-mapping and printing would lead the team to be the ‘Most Funded 3D-printed Product EVER’ on Kickstarter, when they’ve held their funding phase in previous years.

This year the Ambassador Program was expanded to include athletes from all walks of life all over North America, I was lucky enough to be selected to be a key contributor in spreading the good word about Wiivv and being the first to know about the latest innovations they are developing to share with all of you!

Who Are Wiivv?

Wiivv is a bionics company that creates 3D printed, custom gear using 3D-mapping technology, accessible by everyone from a smartphone. We are starting our journey by building a better foundation for every step you take with made-to-fit-you insoles and footwear.

Ultimately Wiivv’s goal is to make is accessible for anyone, anywhere to order and obtain custom printed insoles to make sure that we can all have a strong foundation to help us chase down our goals in our sweat life and our everyday lives as well.

The Measurement Process

The process to secure your measurements to order your Wiivv 3/4 or full size insoles in truly the most unique part of the process! Using the Wivv app, a white piece of standard letter sized paper and a fairly clear background in a well lit room is all that you’ll need to get your Wiivv journey going. You will also get to select your pattern choice for your insoles and the the option of including or name or initials to put your personalized stamp on your Wiivvs!

Once your download the Wiivv app the step-by-step instructions are very easy to follow, the app accurately tells you exactly where your foot needs to be placed and then it’s just a matter of snapping a few selfies of your feet to share with the Wiivv Production Team in San Diego to get your insoles printed.

Insole Arrival

After your insole measurements are validated by the team you are notified that your Wiivv insoles are now in production, mine took about 2.5 – 3 weeks to arrive, just in time for me to give both the 3/4 and full size versions a test drive on my 2-week trip that will include a lot of walking.

The packaging may be some of the best I have seen for activewear and sport related products, as someone who works in Marketing I am always trilled to see a brand incorporate their story, information and unique style within the packaging of their product.

The team at Wiivv really takes pride in all of the little details, even upon turning over my insoles I noticed my name also engraved on the bottom of the sole, as well as handle ‘L’ and ‘R’ markings just in case you are a bit confused as to what insole is for which foot.

 I will be sure to share with you my thoughts on the Wiivv insoles once I spend a few weeks using them in variety of shoes both at work and in my various training. I happened to wear the full length insoles for the first time today in my running shoes that I commute in and I was very impressed with how comfortable they were and they did not feel bulky in my shoe at all.

What’s Next for Wiivv

This spring Wiivv launched a new Kickstarter for the ‘World’s First Custom Fit Sandal for Personalized Comfort’, utilizing the same 3D-mapping and printing technology developed for the insoles, Wiivv will not customize the base of a flip-flop sole for you to ensure that your feet are properly support during the warmer months. In my opinion this is such a fantastic product innovation as I know many of us enjoy wearing flip-flops in the summer months but we either ignore that damage we are doing to our feet or aren’t aware of the damage that can be done by wearing flat form sandals.

Order Your Own Pair of Wiivv Insoles – Promo Code

As an Ambassador for Wiivv I have the privilege of sharing with you a code that will allow you to receive 20% off your Wiivv order by clicking this link here. You can also visit the website and use the code AllisonM20 at checkout.

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