Come Ride With Me @ Tribe QQHQ!


I am VERY excited to announce that I will be a member of the Tribe Fitness Instructor Team when the studio opens! I feel very grateful to have been offered to teach alongside so many other talented folks from our community and I know that each instructor will bring such a unique perspective/style to their Cycle and Yoga classes!

You can find me teaching:

  • Thursday Evening @ 6:30pm
  • Friday Morning @ 6:45am

What can you expect from my classes?

  • I can promise you that the music will be at the core of our sweat sessions, the bass will be pumping and that we will have a good time encouraging each other with every pedal stroke we take!
  • I am open to any suggestions you might have about specific tracks you’d like to hear in class, themed class or music mash-up that you would love to cycle to!
  • Right now my playlists are a combination of #throwbackthursday memories and some heart pounding power hits.

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I can’t wait to see you all soon!



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