Toronto Triathlon 2017 – Pre-race Thoughts & Goals

I’m going to keep this short, but I did want to jot something down to share with you my goals for tomorrow morning’s race ahead of my Weekly Sweat Plan update tomorrow evening and my Race Recap later this week.

If you’ve been following my on social media you’ll know that I have been ramping up all week and weekend to race the Olympic distance triathlon tomorrow at TTF, I am a combination of nervous and excited right now but as my mom would say, “Just go out, give it your all, do your best and have fun!” Good advice that I needed to hear this weekend prior to standing at the starting line, or as we start at TTF, bobbing in Lake Ontario waiting for the air horn to sound.

Goal #1 (Main Goal) – Finish in Under 3:45 Hours

Four hours seems like a lot because ultimately I’d like to be as close to 3 hours by the end of the season as possible. But I am trying to be fair to myself as I prepare for combining all of these distances together for the first time and remaining hopeful that my hip doesn’t flare up mid-race.

Breakdown of timing

  • Swim (1.5km): 32 – 35 minutes
  • Transition #1: under 5 minutes
  • Bike (40km): 90 – 100 minutes
  • Transition #2: under 5 minutes
  • Run (10km): 65 – 75 minutes
  • TOTAL: ~ 3:45

Goal #2 (Stretch Goal) – Anything beyond finishing under 3:45!

If things are feeling good and I can push hard, my stretch goal is to come in under this time.

Goal #3 – HAVE FUN

The best part of racing in the city is that I get to share the course with so many familiar faces, there is also a lot of local support along the route. So good or bad, sunny or rainy, the overall goal is to kick ass and have fun!

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