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I’ve tried writing my first post of 2018 a few times – I’ve wrote out my accomplishments, struggles, learnings, milestones from the past year. I’ve reflected on all of the challenges I’ve overcome. I wrote down my races, my training triumphs and tribulations but nothing seemed to resonate. I’ve been absent from writing for a while, it wasn’t due to lack of time, it was simply because I didn’t want to force a post if it wasn’t something that added value or felt authentic. The quote above summarizes 2017 in the most succinct way possible – the past year was not easy, it had its difficult moments but at the end of it all I was able to find myself one I emerged from the other side. Through resiliency and believing in the bigger plan I was able to discover the power I possess by getting things back on track, traveling the world, making dozens of new friends and hustling hard at work to achieve great things. The year also challenged me to let go of things, people and memories that no longer were deserving of my energy – and trust me I did that.

I rolled into 2018 about as quickly as I exited 2017 – it felt like I never had a break, time to reflect, an opportunity to set intentions and to think about what I hoped to work towards in the year ahead. A first I felt good throwing myself into what 2018 had in-store for me – with/without a plan – it was something I had embraced in 2017 as I found myself finding a new job, working to settle into a life routine again and facing the challenges with running overall for the majority of my season. The girl who previously had been known to always have a plan was now functioning on auto-pilot and just taking the curves as they came her way.

Reflecting on 2017

2017 was an incredible year, truthfully after a difficult end to 2016 I didn’t set a lot of high expectations for the year but I know being on the other side of it I can look back and say that with the curveballs aside I made a lot of incredible strides in 365 days.

  • Travel: adding more mileage to my passport – Montreal, England, Scotland and Winnipeg/Kenora.
  • Racing: Waterfront 10K, Montreal 10K, Ragnar Niagara Falls and Toronto Triathlon Festival.
  • Work: started at Diamond Integrated Marketing, working on some incredible projects alongside a group of people who have quickly become like family. I also secured my first teaching slots for cycling when Tribe Fitness opened its doors in November.
  • Relationships: took a chance at love, developed friendships with people from across the world on Contiki and continued to spend time working on me.

Looking Forward to 2018

So here I am, almost two months into 2018 and finally taking a moment to allow myself the opportunity to take a deep breath, acknowledge where I’ve been and look forward to where I feel I am going. Going away for five days last week gave me the opportunity to slow down for the first time since the new year and I took some time to visualize some key milestones for the year ahead.

  • Travel: more travel, it’s where I am my best, how I learn, grow and evolve – Punta Cana, Vancouver, San Francisco, Winnipeg/Kenora, Europe 2018 (London/Italy/Greece), Disney World.
  • Racing: Waterfront 10K, Guelph Lake I or Rose City,Ragnar Niagara Falls, Toronto Triathlon Festival, Wasaga, LOST Swim 1-miler, PWC Century Ride, Barrelman or Kingston in the fall. The ultimate goal pending schedules is a long format or 70.3 but I am keeping an open mind to see how my season goes. T
    • I am aiming to PB both my Sprint and Olympic distance in my race season this year.
    • Continuing to work with an Nutritionist expert to focus on how I fuel, what I fuel with and how I can shift my nutrition to help me feel better, train/recover smarter and tone up ahead of my season ahead.
  • Writing/Partnerships: this year I am excited to share that I will be returning as an Ambassador for the Toronto Triathlon Festival, alongside an awesome team of local triathletes who are passionate about encouraging more people to try out this sport! I will also be working with Nuun Hydration and BRAVA Triathlon as an Ambassador for their brands in 2018 – more details to come in a future post. And lastly, I will be working towards #mybetter as a member of the Sport Chek #cheksqaud!
  • Work: continuing to evolve my portfolio at work, sharing the incredible work the team has been hustling on for the 2018 JUNO Awards, pitching for some new business, speaking on some panels locally and working towards a promotion.
  • Relationships: continuing to be open to new experiences, fostering my friendships with the people I know from around the world, making time to have dinner with local friends and continuing to support my community aka second family.

It’s short, concise and simple but I want to take this year to go with the flow – in a semi-structured kind of way. I know that these goals will refine, shift and grow as the year progresses.

I also am working to carve out time to write more about my journey, travels and progress.

Stay humble, hustle hard.


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