Sweat Plan for the Week of June 4th


With 7 weeks to go until TTF 2017 I am going to start using my weekly Sweat Plan posts to reflect on my training over the past week and share with you my journey to the starting line. For my first week I’m reflecting on the training plan that I posted to Instagram earlier in the week, there were a few adjustments but I managed to get all of my workouts in. Any workout that has an * next to it indicates that I also accomplished my daily goal of walking 10,000+ steps.

Sunday: Rest Day

  • A much needed day of rest and stretching after collecting lots of mileage on the bike during Saturday. My legs felt really good and my IT band was finally starting to feel better.

Monday: Fuel Training*

  • The goal this week is to get to Fuel Training twice, since the return from my trip I have been finding it hard to get up first thing in the morning. As a result many of my Fuel Training sessions have been happening at lunch, which has helped ensure that I can get both classes in during the week.

Tuesday: Cykl w/ Liz*

  • Originally planned for Wednesday morning, Liz and I had a change of plans. I attended my first ever Cykl class this morning at 6:45am, it was different than most spin classes I’ve attended in the city but the addition of the bike shifting while I was riding increased the challenge for me to focus on my core engagement and stability.

Wednesday: Tribe Community 5km Run*

  • It wouldn’t be a Wednesday without a run alongside my tribe! This week I was hoping that I would have a better run then previously, my IT band has been limiting my ability to run comfortable since Ragnar. I am pleased to report that I had a better run, managing to hold a pace of around 5’35″/km with the group and push myself further than in previous weeks. Now the goal is to maintain my stretching/rolling and also add in a yoga class each week leading up to race day.

Thursday: Diamond Run Club*

  • It’s pretty awesome when you work with a group of people who want to start running one evening a week! With a mixed level of distance and speed in the group we opted to take our first week out steady and short with a 3km out along Adelaide from the office and back following Richmond. I am looking forward to this additional opportunity each week to get in some mileage and help a few of my co-workers reach their #rungoals in the fall.

Friday: Fuel Training*

  • SUCCESS! I made it to my two Fuel Training classes this week for the first time in three weeks! This class was though, lots of heavy lifts and then a killer cardio section to end the course that had a healthy dose of plank. Our deadlift set threw my back off a bit, I don’t believe I was maintaining proper for throughout duration of the 8 – 12 reps, but this is something I can keep in mind for next time.
  • A few notes after today: I will get into a routine of going to Fuel one morning a week and once at lunch per week. After riding this Saturday I think it’s best if I don’t do a weight/strength session the day before my long ride, while my legs weren’t sore I didn’t feel as rested and at ease I did the weekend previously when I did my long ride.

Saturday: 30km Ride w/Day + RPM w/Lauren

  • My second double header weekend and I have to say I am really loving this routine on Saturday! Being able to get in almost 30km of consistent and steady riding with my dad on the road is helping me build my confidence, speed, ability to maintain my HR, as well as practicing fuelling while I’m on the bike. Following the long ride up with a 60 minute interval training session indoors is helping me build my endurance and builds strength in my core + legs.

Overall: When I reflect back on this week I am very happy with my dedication to my training schedule, I got in every workout I had planned with the exception of my open water swim on Saturday. I opted out of my open water swim this weekend because I wasn’t feeling 100%, my concern with an outdoor swim was if I caught a chill in/out of the water that I might catch a cold. Getting in to the water is my main priority right now, I am going to start swimming weekly with the Tribe Fitness crew and I believe my first open water swim will be Saturday June 24th. With four weeks from June 24th to TTF race day, I will be able to get four open water swims in ahead of hitting the starting line. For next week I’d like to maintain sticking to the plan and continuing to be very diligent about what I eat to make sure that I am fuelling properly and taking care of myself from the inside out.


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