Sweat Plan for the Week of June 25th

This week was a lesson in failed time management, with a four day week at work it became evident early on in the week that it was going to be tough to get some of my workouts in as I had originally planned.

What I Managed to Get Done

Swim: Another Monday night, another Mermaid Swim Club swim with the ladies and tonight it was my longest swim to date and it felt good. Tonight’s swim focused on two things – (1) stroke count to ensure that we were getting the most power with the least amount of effort and (2) upper body strength, by completing sets of work that required us to use only our arms. My overall pace per 100m is still a bit slower than last year but I need to keep in mind that in the off-season I focused more on the bike than I did on the swim and I know that with some more time in the water I can get back to where I was.

Running: Wednesday night was my only run, but it was a successful run as I am finally starting to see pace times that are under 5:45/km for my full run. This week’s run clocked in at an average of 5:33/km with little to no discomfort from my hip or lower back which is a big win for me. As I continue to amp up the mileage and the speed I am looking to iron out what my run plan is for race that will not only get my to the finish line in a good time while ensuring that I don’t aggravate the work I’ve done to get my hip back in to good shape.

Bike: This weekend it seemed like I spent most of my time trying to out run the rain. Friday I was off and with plans for a longer ride than 20km, I have to be happy that I was able to get out in between the early morning and the mid-morning storms. This ride was tough, there was a wicked head wind as I road out to Hamilton but these are the rides that make all of the difference on race day. I learned first hand at TTF last year that wind doesn’t hold off on race day – it was a dozy of a ride for half of the out/back route – but this year I’ve tried to take advantage of those windy days to ensure that I’m up for the challenge if those are the conditions that are present in a few weeks time. Saturday saw a longer ride with my Dad, again holding good speed and starting to get comfortable maintaining a handle bar hand position for a long period of time before needing to switch. Overall, I’m feeling comfortable on the bike and the next step is to put the clip-ins back on to train with for the remainder of the summer months.

What I Didn’t Get To

Strength Training & Yoga: This was a tough one to let go this week, I’ve got into a good routine of going to Fuel Training once at lunch per week and once after work/in the morning. Since I pay for my Fuel classes whether I go or not due to my monthly membership it’s tough to justify not going but I was working early this week and had a number of things going on in the evening. Excuses aside I know the importance of making it to my strength training and yoga classes, yoga especially because I can feel in my other training how tight I am and that I don’t recover as quickly when I’m not giving my body time to recover and stretch out properly.

What’s Next

With three weeks left until race day it’s time to maintain the course and stick to the plan. The goal for the next few weeks is the following:

  • Minimum one swim, 1500m + mileage indoor or outdoor per week
  • Two runs per week, 5 – 10km and one longer run per week
  • Two rides per week, avg. 70 – 80km total per week
  • Two strength training classes per week
  • One yoga or rollout class per week to ensure that I am allowing my body to recover and repair

I’m also looking into adding a new bike to my roaster, presently my road bike lives in suburbia at my parents place where I can take it out for long rides on the weekend and because my old condo didn’t have space for me to store it securely. With the addition of a new bike I’m planning to get in some more weekly rides starting with one ride a week alongside the ladies of the BOWW (Bikes on Wheels Women) crew.

Totals for the Week of June 25th

Total Swim Mileage: 1525m

Total Bike Mileage: 74km

Total Run Mileage: 5km

Total Strength Training Time: 0

Total Yoga/Rolling Time: 0

Total Steps:  54,147 steps

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