Sweat Plan for the Week of June 11th & June 18th


I took a bit of a break last week in terms of writing, lots going on at work and in life but I am also realizing that continuing to share my journey needs to take some priority as well. So I am going to start off by recapping the past two weeks and then we will get back into a groove our regularly schedule programming of 1 – 2 posts per week.

The last two weeks of training have been good, I’ve felt a sense ease on the bike thanks to the mileage I put on my legs over the winter months as I made indoor riding a priority, being back in the pool has been a welcomed addition to my week as I have missed being in the water and it is still to cold to be out in the lake. The run is a different story, last week I actually took the week off to rest my hip, while things are improving I am still not 100% sure what the root cause if of this discomfort but I’m trying to listen to my coach and my body by taking it easy with the pavement pounding since that seems to be what is aggravating it.

The next few weeks are crunch time, there less than 4 weeks until race day and I am well aware that there is still work to be done as I prepare to clock in my first Olympic distance time as my baseline for a potential fall race and the hopes of training for a 70.3 next season. I’m going to keep my summary simple this week, numbers focused as I get back on track with writing and also try to ensure that I get 8 hours of sleep tonight.

Week of June 11th

Total Swim Mileage: 0km

Total Bike Mileage: 60km

Total Run Mileage: 15.1km

Total Strength Training Time: 1 hour (1 x Fuel Training)

Total Yoga/Rolling Time: 2 hours (1 x YYoga, 1 x Tribe Rollout)

Total Steps: 89,375 steps

Week of June 18th

Total Swim Mileage: 1300m

Total Bike Mileage: 85km

Total Run Mileage: 0km

Total Strength Training Time: 2 hours (2 x Fuel Training)

Total Yoga/Rolling Time: 1 hour (1 x Burlington Yoga)

Total Steps: 68,571 steps

Here’s to the short week ahead which allow provides me with the opportunity to have Friday and Monday this weekend to squeeze in a few longer blocks of training out on the bike and FINALLY in the open water alongside my fellow TTF Ambassador Amber. Stay tuned for all of the details and pictures to come!

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