Sweat Plan for the Week of July 2nd & July 9th


The best two weeks have been productive and hectic if I have to sum them up into two words, my training has been going very well among lots of things going on in my work and life schedule as well. I am proud of how I have managed to handle it all, while I also focus on the task at hand in getting prepare for Toronto Triathlon Festival which is in just under a week. There is a crazy thought!

I thought I hit publish last week, I actually hadn’t so I decided to combine July W1 summary with my summary for last week, July W2.

Week of July 2nd

This week went somewhat according to plan, while I made the most of the Friday/Saturday of the long weekend, I slowed things down on Sunday/Monday as my hip was a bit sore and I was trying to give it a break.

What I did accomplish – a run on Monday, yoga at The Sheraton on Tuesday evening with Juleigh, 5km run on Wednesday with the Tribe crew along with a few additional km on my own, Fuel Training once and my outdoor 30km + my FIRST outdoor swim in the lake for this training season.

What I didn’t get to – there was no long ride on Monday, I didn’t get in speed work Thursday due to a change in my training plan as I figure out my goals post TTF and sadly there was only one trip to Fuel this week.

Take aways from this week – I purchased a NEW BIKE! Pretty excited to have a new ride to train on and be able to keep in the city to ride with some of the morning groups in order to increase my mileage and meet some new faces in the city. My first open water swim went well – after I spent a few days being anxious about it and the thing is I’m not even sure why I was nervous. The water was cold but I stuck to my plan of how I was going to utilize each loop and I found my groove after the first 2 of 4. What I did take away is that I don’t love swimming in a wetsuit, my new on might have longer arms/legs then my last and I may look into a sleeveless option at the end of the season to improve my range of motion.

Total Swim Mileage: 1008m

Total Bike Mileage: 26.5km

Total Run Mileage: 13.5km

Total Strength Training Time: 1 hour (1 x Fuel Training)

Total Yoga/Rolling Time: 2 hours (1 x YYoga)

Total Steps: 85,097 steps

Week of July 9th

A week that was a real lesson in making shit work, being my last big training week before I taper ahead of TTF on July 23rd it was my final chance to feel out some of these distances and feel confident. Another week of moderate hip discomfort that during the day became increasingly difficult to deal with as my chair at work was contributing to my problem area. I managed to get in the sessions I wanted to, some were a bit uncomfortable due to some tightness in my hip/glute but I got the work done and saw my Osteopath on Saturday to work out some kings and get some advice on what I can do off the table to help strengthen/sooth my hip.

What I did accomplish – yoga Sunday with the Tribe Fitness Family, swim on Monday with my Mermaid Swim Club ladies, my first outdoor ride with the BOWW crew before work Tuesday, a 5km run with the Tribe + a bit of additional mileage on my own Wednesday, Thursday was the only day I got to Fuel and there was a last minute swim with my coach as well, Friday I snuck in 10,00 steeps and the week rounded out with a double whammy of outdoor ride and open water swim Saturday!

What I didn’t get to – no run Monday, didn’t make it to Yoga on Tuesday evening, Fuel Training only happened once as I tried to not overwork my hip and allow it to rest.

Take-aways from this week – patience is everything, especially when something is hurt two weeks out from race day, learning to slow down and not push too hard. I saw my Osteopath on Saturday, she gave me some relief from the dull ache I had been dealing with and also provided some side bending stretches/strengthening exercises and I’ve also got some resistance band work to do in order to ensure my left side is just as strong as my right side.

Total Swim Mileage: 2625m

Total Bike Mileage: 61.9km

Total Run Mileage: 11.1km

Total Strength Training Time: 2 hours (2 x Fuel Training)

Total Yoga/Rolling Time: 1 hour (1 x Tribe Fitness Yoga Jam)

Total Steps: 63,842 steps

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