Svveatspiration: Allison Miceli of Tribe Fitness

When Svveat launched in early 2017 I was excited at the opportunities the website would provide for so many people across the GTA – to find free, accessible and community-based fitness all across our region!

As many of you know from my story, I started running with a free learn to run program via Tribe Fitness. When I moved to Toronto I had never imagined that I could stay fit, explore the city and meet so many incredible people without having to spend a dime. Of course now there are some paid aspects to my training, but four years later I am proud to say above 50-60% of my training is free and the community continues to push me forward in my pursuit of chasing new finish lines.

A few weeks ago the fearless ladies behind Svveat and the blog features that regularly share stories, tips, advice and inspiration asked me to share my Svveatspiration story with their readers. It’s always humbling to be asked to write for another publication or share my journey, I also feel that every time I have the opportunity to put my journey down on paper I open up a little bit more than I did the last time.

Last Tuesday¬†morning I awoke to the notifications that my article had been published to the Svveat website and shared among all of their social media channels. It was a proud moment, I hope that my words inspire other in the community to get their sweat on, I hope that it educates people to know that fitness doesn’t have to cost a lot in Toronto and I hope you enjoy me sharing a little bit more about my journey to becoming an athlete…which is still a word that I think it a bit crazy when it’s used to describe me.

You can read my article here.

Please check out the Svveat website for all things free workout/sweat all across the GTA!

As always thank you for all of your support and sharing!



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