Nike Women’s 15km – The Night Before

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It’s the eve before my first 15km race is upon me and I’m a jumble of all shorts of emotions – excited, nervous, anxious, pumped, determined and hungry. The past few days leading up to this race has been very exciting and busy! With folks flying in to join us from all over the country, continent and world, along with participating in a number of Nike events it has been an exciting time. I will have a separate post in a few days to provide and overview of all of the Nike events I attended, as well as a post to review my experience at the race.

I signed up for this race in January with a game plan to step out of my 10km comfort zone and start running longer distances one night at week with Night Terrors. While I increased my weekly runs to three I didn’t get the distance training in that I wanted, but sometimes life gets in the way and we have my make choices on what become priority. Everyone tells me that I am ready, that I will crush it and that I continue to be a motivator for others who are just starting to run or who are increasing their distance – these words are all so inspiring and encouraging, more than many of you know. I carry these words of wisdom, encouragement and kindness with me when I race, they are where I go to when I need to dig deep and be reminded of why I am doing this and have stuck with it. Thank you to everyone who has messaged me, commented on Instagram/Facebook or tweeted me these past few days!

Tomorrow I will be running as part of the Tribe Fitness –  Team Tribe Tough, one of two teams that the crew put together months ago to obtain our bibs as teams and to help support each other on race day! I am very lucky to be running alongside to of the best women that I know tomorrow – Athena and Melly – together we are going to embrace our #solesister #pacepartner mentality and really just enjoy the race experience tomorrow! No matter what tomorrow throws at us I know that we will be there to support one another and make it to the finish line with no one left behind!

The weather tomorrow is unpredictable, I spent the day purchasing a poncho, extra throw away socks, garbage backs, etc. to ensure that I can stay dry before the race and also will likely check a back with dry clothes to change into after the race should it rain. I am trying very hard to not get sick before my vacation so preparations are required. Another thing I can’t control tomorrow are logistics – ferry line-ups, timing, etc. and therefore we will enjoy the experience and try to not let and logistical problems get in the way of enjoying the race!

I’ll be representing both of my run families tomorrow as I wear my Tribe pants and Night Terrors Run Crew shirt with the utmost pride, I don’t think the folks on the crews know how much my #runlife has meant to me over the past few months. My running has become a vice more than anything, a bit of an escape and a time to clear my head for an hour a few times a week. It is beyond incredible how these crews turn into families as we spend time together outside of our runs – over drinks, at 7-11 sipping on slurpees or at family dinners. Thank you to each and ever person I run with, the names are endless and I am so grateful to have all of you in my life.

I’ll be spending tonight #carbloading alongside some of my #runfamily at the Nike Pre-race Dinner Event that we were lucky enough to get on the list for! I think it will be a great opportunity to connect with so many runners and of course wind down before our last sleep ahead of race day tomorrow.

To every woman – and man – running tomorrow’s race GOOD LUCK! This race is a celebration of this community and the hard work that so many of you committed to this past January as you selected this race as a #goalrace. If you want to connect tomorrow just send me a tweet or message on Instagram @miceliaj, it’s always awesome to meet social media friends face-to-face and capture a selfie to document it!

Sending you all good race vibes, a night of restful sleep and a dry run tomorrow with not rain!

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  1. Cathy Reply

    You ARE gonna crush it! Your excitement is so inspiring. Nothing like racing a new distance for the first time! See you bright and early 🙂

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