New Year, New Intentions – Training Inside to Stay Strong This Winter


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With the start of 2016 we have 366 opportunities to make this year great, that’s one extra day then last year! But maybe this year let’s start by doing something a bit different, let’s start by looking at the new year as an opportunity to set intentions for ourselves versus resolutions because when it comes down to it they really are different things:

Resolution: a firm decision to do or not to do something.

Intention: a thing intended; an aim or plan.

While resolutions may be useful to some because they are firm commitments,  there are many of us feel immense pressure after setting them because we worry that we may fail by not meeting them to a t. Intentions on the other hand have a much more positive and optimistic feeling to them, they are something you plan to do and you likely may have more success achieving due to the lack of pressure and fear of failure. The thing about intentions that I prefer for myself is that they are flexible – it is not a set distance, number, time or measure and therefore allows you to make adjustments to meet a goal without being confined to a set of specific details. For some having a goal set with specific numbers and measures associated it may work best for you (some call these SMART goals), but on the other hand there are many of us that need am option that also provides us with the ability to make adjustments accordingly as life can change while still working towards achieving something that we have set out on a path to achieve.

This year is busy for me and there will be many firsts that I will be tackling on my 2016 Race List, including my very first Olympic Distance Triathlon at the Toronto Triathlon Festival in July! With Canadian winters comes a lack of ability to train outside as frequently as we would like to especially when it comes to biking. Like many I run outside 12 months of the year, tapering back my speed and focusing on distance and endurance during these months. Biking however poses a more difficult challenge during these colder months, the combination of snow, sub zero temperatures and ice makes it a tricky training session on the trails for many. My intention for this year to to stick to a schedule for my training and take advantage of the number of different options that are available to me at GoodLife which can help ensure that I get my training in regardless of if I can be outside or not.

That is why my GoodLife membership is such a fantastic piece in my training equation! Instead of taking the winter off from the cycling portion of my training – potentially impacting all of the endurance I have built up over the spring and summer outdoor training months – I am able to maintain cycling as part of my training scheduled by spinning indoors at GoodLife. Being a member at GoodLife not only allows me the ability to come into the gym and hop on a bike whenever I have time, it also allows me access to a fantastic variety of spin instructors and challenging classes that will allow me to continue to better my form and stamina all throughout the year! This puts me in much better overall condition for when race season approaches in July!

Having a GoodLife membership allows me flexibility in my training schedule, it allows me the opportunity to pick certain classes that become part of my training program while being my go-to when free time becomes available and I would like to get in an extra spin session, strength training or evening yoga class to stretch it all out. It’s nice to know that there are opportunities to get your sweat on in the dead of a Canadian winter that don’t involve stepping foot outside!

So what are you waiting for! Head to GoodLife Fitness today for a class or a bit of you time to burn away the day! It’s not too late to get started on your goals for 2016!

Allison Miceli

Allison Miceli (@miceliaj) resides in Toronto, Ontario where she is a Marketing Manager by day and by night is a part-time fitness fanatic – she is a work-in-progress runner, yogi, cyclist and triathlete in-training! She can be seen pounding pavement with the Tribe Fitness crew (@tribe_fitness), cycling through suburbia, hitting the pool or sweating out the week at a hot yoga class. She is a run mentor for new runners in the Tribe Fitness Learn to Run Program, as well as presently training for her first half marathon this spring, an Olympic distance Triathlon and will be a pacer at Lululemon’s SeaWheeze Half Marathon in August.

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