This week is what some would classify as a ‘short’ week, but that doesn’t mean there is much slowing down for me. As we gear-up for STWM next weekend there is lots going on in the run community from a training/event standpoint. With regards to fuelling there are a few new recipes and products in the line-up this week, particularly a recipe from my friends at Rala Bala – I paced with the female super woman of this duo at SeaWheeze – and I was finally able to track down some NuPasta to try with my lunches this week! This will be a review on NuPasta this week once I take it for a test drive in my prep and during lunch.

MEAL PLAN – October Week 12

Breakfast: Vega Double Chocolate Smoothie and 1/2 Blueberry Muffin (Vegan and Paleo)

  • The Vega Double Chocolate Smoothie from the recipe guide is FANTASTIC! The recipe has been hard to track down online but you can use this Vega Chocolate Banana recipe and then add two tablespoons of cocoa powder, I also prefer to use a chocolate flavoured nutmilk for a bit of an extra chocolate kick.
  • I’m realzing that I need a bit of a carb kick in the morning, especially the days that I train at 6am. I recently found a website called The Iron You from a recipe that was posted on the RYU Apparel Instagram account this past weekend. The recipe for the muffins that I will be baking up as extra fuel for the week can be found here. These muffins are also vegan and paleo friendly – win win!

Lunch: Rala Bala Dat Sauce aka Gravy on NuPasta with a side of roasted zucchini

  • The Gravy has been featured a few times on Rala Bala’s Instagram story and every time I see it boy does it look heavenly, as an Italian and homemade sauce is a weakness for me. Naturally I sent Beth Ann + Ralph a message and asked them for the recipe and little did I know it was on their website! I had the opportunity to hang and get to know Beth Ann at SeaWheeze this summer, she was a Pace Beaver for the 2:30 crew. She’s an amazing powerhouse of a woman and I’ll be sure to share more about them with you soon, if you’re ever visiting CLE check these two out!
  • NuPasta was something that I had the chance to try at CanFit Pro 2014, when it was still a relatively new product on the market. I tried for weeks to find it in Toronto with no luck. After a recent marketing campaign and push for awareness I decided to go on the hunt for this awesome pasta alternative again and I had some success, picking up a container of Fetticuni and Angle Hair to take for lunch this week. The pasta is made from a root vegetable that is gluten free, low in calories, low in carbs and high in fibre. I can’t wait to share more about it later this week.
  • Adding in some roasted zucchini for a little extra veg and nutrients with my lunch

Dinner: Another wonky week with Monday being a holiday and some events in the evenings this week. The Healthy Choice Simply meals that I picked up last week to try and forgot in my parents freeze will be leveraged for Monday and Wednesday nights’ meals with a side of rice. These new meals from Healthy Choice do not include a carb and are simply prepaed veggies and protein. Tuesday night I will grab something on the fly between dance and yoga.

Snacks: Gala apples, Cheese strings, Barlett pears, Red Grapes, Almonds, Trail mix

TRAINING PLAN – October Week 2

Monday: Tribe Fitness Intervals @ 7pm

Tuesday: Fuel Training @ 6am, RSVP 33 Bey Dance YYZ @ 6pm, lululemon Community Yoga @ 8pm

Wednesday: Tribe Fitness 5km Community Run @ 7pm

Thursday: Fuel Training @ 6am, STWM Torch Relay @ 6:30pm

Saturday: Climber’s Rock Hot Detox Yoga @ 9:30am

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