Meal Plan + Training Plan for September Week 5


If you follow me on Snapchat you’ll see some of my Meal Prep adventures on Sunday evening of each week, I find time on the weekend to make my Meal Plan grocery list for the week and then pick everything up on Sunday mornings. I allocate about an hour to a half hour on Sunday nights to prep and cook most of my meals for the week, I typically prep Breakfast and make it each morning before leave for work, I cook all my lunches and depending on what I have on the agenda for dinner I’ll prep part or all of my meal so that I can just heat it up once I get home from my workouts each night

I get lots of questions/comments each week when you’ll see my weekly meals pop-up in my Instagram feed throughout the week, many captured on the white desk at my work because it’s a pretty perfect backdrop to get the food to pop and speak for itself. I’m going to try something new on the blog each week, I’m going to share with you my Meal Plan and some weeks even my Training Plan for the week ahead. I hope it gives you some home made meal prep inspiration and a glimpse behind the scenes as to how I spend my week!

MEAL PLAN – September Week 5

Breakfast: Vega The Acai Bowl or Vega Apple Cinnamon Quinoa Cereal

  • Having eliminated yogurt from breakfast a few weeks ago – and yes easing dairy out of my diet has been helping with my tummy troubles – I’ve been trying out some new options for breakfast, including smoothies. After two weeks of smoothies I’ve decided to rotate a few new options into my Meal Plan this week.
  • Acai Bowls are new to me, I’ve never actually had one because when I pick-up a smoothie or make one at home it’s because I’m on the go and need something portable. But this week I wanted to give this super food breakfast recipe a try as it’s a different way for me to enjoy a smoothie and it allows me to keep things different by switching up the toppings on the bowl to keep things fresh for me.
  • Quinoa for breakfast? Yes it’s a thing and Vega has a┬árecipe for this Apple Cinnamon flavoured breakfast dish which will allow me to throw something in my bag the mornings that I go to the gym, then top and heat when I get to the office. This is a great alternative for me to oatmeal which while can be filling to me on occasion I tend to find it heavy. Also, with Apples in season it’s the perfect excuse to eat some locally grown fruit while it’s available!

Lunch: Seasoned Ground Beef + Roasted Root Vegetable Confit


  • Keeping my protein simple and clean, after eating chicken the past few weeks I picked up some lean ground beef for my lunches this week to have along side some vegetables. Seasoned simply with some pan roasted garlic and traditional burrito seasoning this will be a good add-on to my root vegetables.
  • Longo’s publishes a fantastic free magazine that you can pick-up in-store. Not only are the recipes easy to follow with product recommendations for which ingredients you can get in-store, the recipes also include full nutritional information. I respect magazines that go the extra mile to include the nutritional information as it’s something I value in deciding if I’m going to make a recipe and/or if substations are required for the dish to be healthy. I’ll be sure to post this recipe once I take a picture of it in the magazine.

Dinner: Longo’s Sesame Beef Stir Fry

  • Longo’s has launched a new line of ready-to-eat meal options called Fresh Meals in Minutes which has a wide variety of protein, pre-cut veggie mixes, starch options and sauces to create your perfect meal in 10 minutes. I saw these few weeks ago but since they only include two servings I wanted to wait for a week where I only had to prep two dinners to make the most of the offering. This weekend I picked up Sesame Beef + Udon Noodles + Asian Stir Fry Vegetable Mix + Korean BBQ Bulgogi Sauce.


  • I also purchased some additional veggies to add to my stir fry to make it more substantial post workout – bean sprouts and veggie slaw mix.


Monday: Tribe Fitness Intervals @ 7pm

Tuesday: Fuel Training @ 6am, RSVP 33 Bey Dance YYZ @ 6pm

Wednesday: Tribe Fitness 5km Community Run @ 7pm

Thursday: Community Sweat Event @ 6:45am

Friday: Fuel Training @ 6am

Saturday: Climber’s Rock Hot Detox Yoga @ 9:30am

I’m switching things up a bit this week – no lululemon Community Yoga Tuesday evening as I’ll be at the Blue Jays game with the Tribe Fitness fam. I’ll also be moving my Thursday Fuel class to Friday morning – yes that means getting up early three mornings this week – to attend a Community Sweat Event on Thursday morning.

Here’s to another week of this awesome sweat life!

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