International Women’s Day 2016

International Women's Day

Truly I tell you I am blessed. I was raised by an army of strong women – my mother, Grandmother, great aunt, aunts – wonderful women who taught me from a young age to be ambitious, chase my dreams & to never confirm to society’s norms. As my journey has progressed my path has crossed with so many incredible women – family, friends, sole sisters, pace partners, yoga instructors, industry mentors, a Holocaust survivor, trailblazers, hustlers and coaches. This image is only a sampling of those who I am considered very lucky to have as strong, fierce females in my life. I am grateful for all you are & all you bring to my life!

This running community is special and I say that time and time again, but this is also an inclusive community where all women are welcome. It’s important that we develop these spaces where women can feel comfortable, included, equal and celebrate their uniqueness – this is what we do in the run community. I hope that I can continue to be apart of helping to ensure that we foster this inclusive community for experienced and new runners alike!

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