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If you follow me on Twitter you will know that on a daily basis I actively retweet a number of articles, posts, photos and stories that inspire life, love and all things fit. Recently I came across two articles that really bring together social media and the joy of the #runlife so wonderfully!

Why I Won’t Apologize For Posting About My Run on Social Media

This article is brilliant and a the heart of the author’s words she wants you to know that regardless of what some people might say your posts about your run are doing more good then they are harm. I want to thank Matt, JP & Courtney for posting this article early last week which had it catch my attention to take a peak at the thoughtful message that it highlights. While it may frustrate or bother some people that you’ve “gone for another run”, the truth of the matter is that you are allowed to celebrate your success and those folks who don’t like it can simply click Unfollow and move along. Because if there is anything that I have learned from writing and posting about my #runlife #sweatlife, it’s that there are so many people near and far that I have been able to connect with because of my posts and one of the best parts of this journey has been the undying motivation + support I have received from these folks! Here is how the author breaks down the reasons you shouldn’t apologize for posting about your run:

  1. Positivity is Contagious
  2. You Post About Your Hobbies Too
  3. Networking
  4. There is Strength in Imperfection
  5. My Daughter is Watching Me

Please Continue to Instagram Your Amazing Life

This article by Brendan of Semi-Rad was inspired the article “Stop Instagramming Your Perfect Life” which was an article that encouraged people to take a second thought before they post their “perfect” pictures to Instagram. Basically, the author wanted you to filter your “perfect” life down a it so that you aren’t making your followers feel bad about their life. But seriously, who are we kidding – this is your life, you should be allowed to celebrate it! This author takes the opposite look at Instagramming your life and encourages you to continue to do so and while it may frustrated or bring out the angry green monster in some, it really should be something that spreads positivity and celebration among each other as we throw out those high ten emojis to support one another’s accomplishments!

Have your read any inspiring life or run articles lately? If so I would love for you to share them, I am always looking for new pieces to inspire me!

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