Costco Haul for Under $100

I’ve been wanting to go to Costco for a while, but not having a membership or a car can make that difficult, but after realizing how beneficial it could be to my nutrition plan and meal prepping overall. I asked my #solesister Juleigh if she’d like to go on a Sunday afternoon Costco adventure, which worked out for both of us as she had a car and we would both have a buddy to split items with! #teamwork

I didn’t make a list before we went for our grocery haul, having not been to Costco in a few years I didn’t have any idea what they would carry but I did make note of a few items mentally that I wanted to keep an eye out for. My mental list included: easy breakfast options, quick dinner solutions, healthy snacks, beef jerky, protein power, any items that could help me up my protein intake and to just develop an understanding of all of the options available for next time.

Going to Costco mid-afternoon on a Sunday can either go exceptionally well or horribly wrong, the parking lot was a bit of a disaster when we got there but we didn’t let that turn us off before we stepped inside of the doors. Once we were inside it was busy but not crazy, we were able to do a full walk of the store in about an hour, picking up a variety of items for ourselves, as well as a number of items for us to spilt and share.

Here is the list of what I managed to pick up:

  • RW Garcia Chickpea Crackers (two bags, split the box with J)
  • Sunrise Farms Chicken Breast Burgers (16 burgers, spilt the box with J)
  • Kirkland Prepared/Cook at Home Caesar Chicken Breasts & Veggies
  • Made Good Chocolate Granola Bars (box of 18 bars)
  • Sweet Potato Chips (big bag, spilt with J)
  • Single Serve Packaged Extra Old Cheddar Cheese (20 servings)
  • Taylor Baha Salad Mix
  • West End Cuisine Pre-Grilled Chicken Skewers (two packs, ate one for dinner during the week and froze the other)
  • Sweet Baby Carrots (big package, roasted half for meal prep, saved the other half for next week)
  • Salsa/guacamole (box of three, J took one)
  • Grimm’s Fine Foods, Lean Turkey Pepperoni Sticks
  • Prana Kilimanjaro Trail Mix

Overall, I was pretty surprised with everything that I was able to get for just over $100.00, not only did I have my meal prep for dinners this week solved, I was also able to pick-up a number of snacks that would help me continue to fuel smart and consume additional protein as per my Nutritionist’s recommendation. The WE Cuisine Pre-grilled Chicken Skewers were a life saver during my hectic week this past week, the Grimm’s Lean Turkey Pepperoni Sticks will be a welcomed addition once I run out of turkey jerky and the bag of Parana Kilimanjaro Trail Mix has been the perfect evening snack if I am craving something sweet/salty.

A few of the items I might not pick-up again include Salsa/guacamole that we purchased, it was pretty spicy for mild and once it was opened it separated and get watery very quickly. Not making it the ideal for a chip or cracker situation for future uses.

Here is what I’m putting on my list for our next strip to Costco:

  • Red Mill individual oatmeal cups
  • Beef jerky
  • Organic protein powder
  • Other snack options for future (e.g., new trail mix, healthy snack bars, etc.)
  • Additional prepared or frozen protein sources

After the success of our recent trip to Costco, the ease it brought to our crazy lives and the variety that we were able to pick-up between the two of us means that we will certainly be back. Ideally, we would like to swing by once a month to do a haul of necessities and explore all of the new items that have become available.

If you’ve purchased anything at Costco lately that you are particularly fond of or surprised that they carry, please shoot me a DM! I am always interested to hear about unique finds and learn more about products I have yet to try myself.

One thought on “Costco Haul for Under $100

  1. Carl Wright Reply

    It would be difficult not having a car and I am a bit torn. I try to be carbon conscious, but I also appreciate the convenience of a car. I stop at Costco once a week on the way home from work, to avoid an extra trip.
    The Prana Trail mix is about the best I have had, with those chunks of dark chocolate. They carry the best fresh avocados. They are very large in size, and have a great flavour.

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