To many I go by Allison or Ali, but over the past few years I’ve evolved into the hustler both at work and play which resulted in the adoption of the term #kmhungryyogi.

I reside in Toronto, Ontario where I spend my days collaborating with teams on marketing campaigns and by night I’m tearing through the city with my crew, finding balance in a yoga class or in the pool with my tri training group. Some think it’s crazy, but for me this #fitlife or #runlife as I sometimes coin it, is my release and me-time that I look forward to everyday. It’s my opportunity to put down the phone, clear my head and prove myself I can do so much more than I thought I was capable of.

I haven’t always been a runner, two years ago the #kmhungryyogi didn’t exist and while I was active I wouldn’t say that I was fit.

I grew up active – soccer, swimming, tennis, basketball, a marching band, skating, etc. – and never took it for granted as I grew up. In university I was plagued with joint problems which no one seemed to be able to pinpoint – looking back maybe the knee problems and shoulder issues were all warning signs – and progressively became worse. I saw a naturopath and started eating extremely clean, I saw an osteopath to seek some relief, I skipped the drugs that were offered as a band-aid solution and looked for natural ways to navigate my way back to a semi-issue free life. As I eased back into activity someone recommended yoga, at first I laughed having tried a DVD at home my mom had and not finding any enjoyment in it. I stepped onto the mat for my first class in February 2011 and it was recommended that I come 2-3 times a week for 4 weeks before I made a decision about liking it or not. This month I will mark 5 years since this practice changed my life, gave me back my mobility and allowed me to find peace with my body.

In 2014 I relocated from suburbia to downtown Toronto to save my sanity from the commute that was becoming a bit of a grind. I had been following a run crew called Tribe Fitness on Instagram for a while and made a commitment to myself that I would give their #couchto10k program a go that summer as a way to try something new, explore the city and maybe meet some new folks. I was scared and skeptical but honestly it’s one of the best things that I have ever done for myself, it has quite literally changed my life. I never thought I would be a runner – maybe that sounds corny – but one run my Coach Jay mentioned to me, “we are all runners” – it doesn’t matter how fast or far you run, it’s about lacing up and getting out there that is important. Giving it your all each time and growing from that. Since that program I have accomplished quite a bit thanks to this community of folks who continue to push me above and beyond, my second family.

Shortly after the run journey took off I was looking for a way to share my journey both in social and through writing. I was trying to think up a cleaver way to communicate my passions in a short hashtag or nickname that would associate me with all of my passions – yogi, food, running, cycling, being active, etc. With that The KM Hungry Yogi was born – an ode to my love for yoga, my passion for food (both creating and consuming) and a reminder that I am always looking for new ways to rack up the milage be it by foot, bike or water.

So join me on this journey, connect with me on social media @miceliaj and find time to sweat!

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2 thoughts on “About Me

  1. Cathy Reply

    Hi Allison,
    I came across your blog through the Toronto triathlon site. Wondering if I could connect with you regarding some tips etc. Not sure if this is a public forum. I have included my name and email below.

    Look forward to speaking with you.

    • miceli aj Reply

      Hi Cathy!

      Thanks for your note, I am certainly happy to chat further. If you have FB feel free to give me an ad and shoot me a message, I’d be happy to do my best to answer any of your questions!

      Thank you,


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