2017 Toronto Triathlon Ambassador

I’ve been keeping something close to me, waiting for the prime opportunity share the news with you all. I’m feeling like now is a fantastic time to announce that I have been asked to be an Ambassador for the 2017 Toronto Triathlon!

What the what?!

I was beyond humbled when the opportunity came about as I had such a unreal experience at last year’s race and I really do love the community aspect that the TTF organization committee puts so much emphasis on for this race!

Last year was my first time racing TTF, as many of you know I started running in the summer of 2014 with the goal of being able to race triathlons in the future. My TTF experience was really one that left me excited for the next year as soon as I crossed the finish line – the swim was in a calm body of water that allows for ample space to not be squished in the pack, the bike allowed you to whiz down the Gardiner with the city skyline in view and the run along the waterfront was the perfect way to cap off the race. The out and back bike and run sections were a great way to connect with your fellow triathletes and share some love along the route. I was also very impressed with how well organized the event was and the ample number of volunteers on hand to make sure that everything went smoothly and was safe for all.

What are the TTF Ambassadors?

Selected for their passion, enthusiasm and willingness to share their experiences with you, the TTF Community, these special people let you in, made you laugh and helped motivate you through your training last season!

My self along with a few other amazing folks from the Toronto triathlon community will be sharing our training journeys, providing tips/tricks to get the most out of the weeks leading up to the race, be at events to answer questions + speak about our TTF experiences and of course produce a wealth of content to share across social media as we all prep for TTF 2017 together!

I’ll be sure to share who my fellow Ambassadors are shortly and where you can find our profiles. In the mean time you can catch up a few of the upcoming TTF Community events over the next few weeks across Toronto.

Training Already in Progress

On the even of 2016 changing over to 2017 I submitted my registration for this year’s race, excited to finally take on the Olympic distance and ready to relive all of the excitement and fun that was experienced in 2016.

I opted to not take any time off this winter season, I did a lot of work last year on my run – as I trained for two half marathons prior to TTF in 2016 – and really focused on getting comfortable swimming in a wetsuit and in open water where the temperature can be unpredictable. This year I have been putting a lot of time in on the time during the winter months, something I know I neglected last year as I find the cycle portion of the race relatively easy.

Over the first three months of 2017 – if you follow me on social media – you’ll know that I’ve been working hard to maintain my base in my running, build my stamina + endurance on the bike by spinning a few times a week and building overall strength through my conditioning twice per week.

The next phase of my training in April and May will see me get back into the water with my tri-ladies once a week, continue my work on the bike and work to building my overall strength before I kick it into high gear after I return from vacation mid-May. I’m excited to sign-up for a L.O.S.T. Swimming (Lake Ontario Swim Team) membership again this year and once the temperature warms up I’ll be biking out to Oakville on Saturday mornings to take a dip in the lake at 8am. I a secretly hoping the lake warms up faster this year than it did last year when we didn’t see comfortable temperatures until mid-July right before race day.

If you’re racing TTF or training for another triathlon this year please let me know in the comments below. I can’t wait to see you all out at the TTF events and follow your journeys to your triathlon goal race starting lines this year!

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