2017 Goal Race Planning

With the start of a new year comes the start of a new list of goal races and plans for most runners, triathletes, trail runners and sweat life human. Whether it’s a new distance on the road or trail, to a new weight PR at the gym or even trying something new in the year ahead, we all try to right down these goals to share their with one another so that we can support each other in our pursuit and hold ourselves accountable in a way.

I’m not a “new year’s resolution” type of person, it’s just not something the resonates with me as I try not to have things to resolve each year, no regrets as I move forward into a new chapter. But I am a big fan of setting goals, one’s that are both achievable with the right amount of work, along with some others that are more challenging and will require me being pushed to the limits. I may not be successful at them all, but I did have a pretty good track record of achieving what I set out to do in 2016, so I’m hoping that I can continue to commit to myself and my community in 2017 to continue my streak of chasing these goals.

I’ve broken 2017 out into two key sections: (1) Confirmed Races – races that I have already registered for and have goals in mind to achieve at these events, (2) Races I’m Considering – these are events that I am still putting some research effort into as I want to ensure I find the right race for these new additions to my goal schedule or I am going to see how the first half of the season goes – along with how crazy life gets – before I commit to some of these bigger ideas that I have.

For the races I’m not on the pavement, trail or course for as a participant, you will find me on the sidelines cheering on the community, I love #cheersquad just as much as I love racing! So far you can count me in for: Chilly 1/2 Marathon (March 5th), Race Roster Spring Run Off (April 8th), Banque Scotia 21k de Montreal (April 23rd), Waterfront 10k (June 17th) and Scotiabank Marathon (October 22nd).

I’ll also be pacing a few folks at races this year, I’m more than happy to run alongside you if you’ve got a goal or are looking for some company. Just let me know how I can support!

Without further adieu here is my Race List for 2017 so far!

Confirmed Races:

Banque Scotia 10k de Montreal – April 22nd

Goal: New 10km PB

Race Details: Banque Scotia de Montreal 5k, 10k, 21.2k

In April Tribe Fitness will embark on their #TribeTour for 2017, along with Run to Beer and Canada Running Series we are ready for a weekend of racing, exploring and cheering! Since my goal half marathon race is in early May I will be racing the 10km race in Montreal, the goal is to secure a new 10km of around 55 minutes, my previous PB time is 56:07 at Mercedes-Benz Oakville in April 2015. This race takes place on the Saturday night which means I’ll have to be mindful how much walking I do on the Saturday but will allow me to cheer loud and proud Sunday morning for my Tribe family tackling the half marathon distance!

Mississauga 1/2 Marathon – May 7th

Goal: Sub-2 hour marathon

Race Details: Mississauga Marathon

Last year I ran this race as my second half marathon, training was eight weeks in length after my first half and I was a little worse for wear with a slight ankle mobility issue. After tweaking my training plan to focus more on strength/endurance and less on mileage I set out with some of my #solesisters for the first 10km before I stuck with Melly for the back half. It did cross my mind at one point that I could maybe sub-2 hour on that day, but that wasn’t what I had trained for. A few failed attempts to pace with pace bunnies who were all over the place, misty rain galore and couple of walk breaks in the last 5km I committed to the end and managed to secure a 10 minute PB from my first half, crossing the finish line at 2:03:38. This course is good, lots of space and just a bit of crowding at the beginning and I was very impressed by the logistics/organization pre and post race. I’m excited to be back this year and hope that I can shave the final 3ish minutes off my time to secure a PB.

Reebok Ragnar Relay – May 19th & 20th

Goal: To have an AMAZING weekend racing with eleven of the Tribe Fitness Sole Sisters!

Race Details: Reebok Ragnar Relay Niagara

When we heard that the Reebok Ragnar Relay would be coming to Ontario in 2017 the Tribe Fitness ladies and I quickly got into formation for a team that could participate in this challenging two-day event that would see us run from Coburg to Niagara falls all day and all night over Friday and Saturday. This is one of the races I am most excited for in 2017, I think it will be two days of memories, pushing one another and supporting our team to get the finish line. To take a look at the course we will be tackling together you can check out this article.

Toronto Triathlon Festival (Olympic Distance) – July 23

Goal: Complete my first Olympic Distance Triathlon

Race Details: Toronto Triathlon Festival

Last year when life got a bit out of control I opted to bump down to the Sprint Distance in order to have a good time, great race and of course support all of my fellow Tribe member racing their first ever triathlon. TTF was a great weekend – lots of fun, great weather and a really good course with lots of support along the way. This year as I don’t take much of an off season, I focus spending more time on the time bike and start my swim training a little bit later I know that I will be ready to tackle this distance come July!

SeaWheeze 1/2 Marathon – August 12th

Goal: Visit one of my favourite cities with my Tribe Fitness Sole Sisters and catch-up with all of my YVR Run/Sweat Family! And of course run the SeaWheeze 1/2 Marathon while having an incredible time for every step along the way!

Race Details: SeaWheeze

Another year, another SeaWheeze and this time while we may have a smaller group going from Tribe Fitness I believe it’s just us Sole Sisters heading west to run this beautiful route together and of course enjoy in all of the incredible events that come along with SeaWheeze. We still do not have a lot of details about this year’s theme and events but I can’t wait to hear more about what the lululemon team has in store for us all!

Races I’m Considering:

Cycle Only Race – 50km+

Goal: First Long Distance Cycle Race

Looking to shake up my racing schedule a little bit my RPM Spin partner-in-crime Lauren and I would like to tackle a bike only race together. While I’ve been looking at some options for the late spring (May) or early fall (September/October) I am open to suggestions/recommendations from all of you who may have already completed a race locally. Let me know.

Open Water Swim Race

Goal: First Open Water Swim Race

Becoming a member of the L.O.S.T. Team (Lake Ontario Swim Team) last summer thanks to Kim, it not only helped me really prepare to be ready for my open water swim come race day at TTF, but it also open my eyes to a whole other circuit of racing in Ontario. Be a member of this group allows me access to knowledge and being in the know for a lot of great open water races both locally and abroad. It would be my goal in 2017 to find one open water swim race (July/August – so I don’t have to wear a wetsuit) and race.

5 Peaks Trail Race

Goal: First Trail Race

One of my good running friends Gemma and I recently had brunch, I expressed my interest to her about spending some more time on the trails this coming spring/summer as I had mentioned last August when we were in Vancouver together and Gemma was sharing all of her adventure stories from the west coast. Gemma invited me to join The Burly Trail Runners, since I spend at lest one day every weekend in Burlington visiting family I can head out and tackle some running with them to catch my footing on the trails. With spending more time on the trails this year it’s my goal that I complete at least one trail race in late summer early fall. I am open to suggestions of which of the 5 Peaks Trail Races are your favourites and I hope that I can race one of these courses with you in 2017!

TBD – 70.3 Ironman

Goal: First Half Ironman

I haven’t decided if this is a for sure goal for 2017, I’m taking on some new projects this year and I need to determine over the winter months how feasible it is for my to work the additional training into my schedule. What I do know is that if I’m already prepping to race the Olympic Distance at TTF in late July, I could overtrain my distances and work towards a 70.3 in October but it would mean I would likely need to travel for the race – which I’m not opposed to. My plan is to spend the next few weeks researching what races are available in September/October and see if there is one I can select to work towards if the timing is right.

Where’s the Full Marathon?

Trust me I’ve thought about it, I know that I had a successful first half marathon season in 2016. I’ve decided that I would like to tackle at 42.2km race before I’m 30 years old, that gives me 3 years to enter some lotteries and find a race that I will not only enjoy the route but also the scenery for 4 hours of running. In my head if the course is visually stimulating enough maybe I won’t think about how far I will be running…right? Either way it is something on my radar, but I already knew that 2017 was going to be my year to spend more time swimming, biking and running.

4 thoughts on “2017 Goal Race Planning

  1. Axel Reply

    All the 5 Peaks are my favourite! Terra Cotta would be good entry level stuff, and I’ve always had a good time at Heart Lake, Kortright Centre and Albion Hills. I think Rattlesnake Point might be the most technically challenging, but climbing the rocks is crazy fun.

    • miceli aj Post authorReply

      Axel, great advice on Terra Cotta! You’re not the first person who has suggested it be my first, I just need to see where it fits into my overall race plan for 2017. I am going to look at the other ones and maybe save Rattle Snake Point for next year 😉

  2. Gemma Reply

    My favourite is rattlesnake point!

    Also I have been craving that waffle since we had it – maybe a pre- work breakkie or lunch soon?


    • miceli aj Post authorReply

      Haha is that because Rattlesnake Point is challenging as per comment above/below you from Axel? I will certainly be on the trails with you more this spring and seeing that this body is capable of off the road.

      And yes we most certainly can find a waffle/brunch spot and do pre-work breakkie or lunch soon! xo.

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