2016 – The Year of Growth, Achievement, Community, Resiliency & Learning

I could have wrote a million words here, I’ve screen grabbed dozens of quotes of the past few weeks in an attempt to convey how this year makes me feel, as you can see below a post was composed but it just didn’t feel right as I sit here on the eve of December 31st as 366 days. 2016 was the year of understanding the various outcomes of hard work, persistence, perseverance, dedication, community and commitment. In my sweat life the outcome was success beyond my wildest expectation – there were three half marathons (my first in March), a triathlon, endless community runs, finding my fierce through dance with RSVP 33, becoming better at Fuel Training Club, obtaining my spin certification, travels to YVR/LAS/SEA, connecting with friends across the country, becoming friends with strangers and becoming strangers with friends. I am PROUD of what I have accomplished this year as I continue to prove myself wrong in terms of what I am capable of when I believe in myself and am supported unconditionally but those around me.

The end of this year caught me off guard, it challenged me to be resilient, to act without a plan and figure out how I could embrace change in a time of transition. Again there was hard work, persistence, perseverance, dedication, community and commitment, the outcome yet is still to be determined but as I continue to navigate these forks in the road of my journey I will do my best to share them and the learnings of them with you in the coming months.

To everyone who has crossed paths with me this year, you have touched me. To family, the friends who have become family, the strangers who are now friends and no matter the distance have managed to stay connected, thank you. It’s true what they say about it taking a village, this year I was able to achieve but I did and overcome what was challenging to me because of all of those around me who supported me.

Below I’ve summarized the highs of 2016, the moments that when looking back on the past year still leave me with chills, goosebumps, shock and awe that I was able to continue to grow from the previous year and continue to truly embrace life for all that it can be.



  • The start of 336 days of growth
  • Turning 26
  • Start of 1/2 marathon training with Alex – Saturday mornings at Bayfront Park in Hamilton
  • Swim Training with the Tribe Fitness ladies
  • More time on the yoga mat a Climber’s Rock & lululemon Queen West
  • Industry Speaker at the DeGroote School of Business’ DeGroote Marketing Conference
  • Booking YVR/LAS adventure with Dustin


  • Tribe Learn to Run Winter 2016
  • 3 workouts in less than 24 hours in YVR (Tight Club, November Project YVR, Run Robson Club)
  • SeaWheeze planning
  • LAS with my best from the west Dustin – a weekend of fun, laughs, Britney Spears, photo bombing & exploring
  • Starting to look for a new condo for 2017 and finding my dream condo…opps


  • Ran my first 1/2 marathon in my hometown – Chilly 1/2 Marathon @ 2:13 thanks to Cliff pacing me
  • Dealing with my first run related “injury”
  • Pacing Inge for her first 5km at the Achilles 5km St. Patrick’s Day Race
  • Taking time off of the pavement to recoop my fussy ankle
  • Reconnecting with my good friend Sofia, Osteopath extraordinaire
  • Next Gen Dinner Series 2016


  • Around the Bay Weekend
  • Learning and beginning to see the benefit of strength training
  • SeaWheeze 2016 Theme Launch
  • Tribe Fitness Learn to Run Goal Race: Spring Run Off
  • More time in the pool with the Tribe Fitness Tri crew
  • Letting someone back in
  • Prepping with increased cardio + strength and less time on the pavement for Mississauga 1/2


  • 1/2 Marathon #2: Mississauga 1/2 Marathon, new PB 2:03
  • SeaWheeze mail – shorts arrival, product testing
  • Photo shoot for Canada Running Magazine – My Style feature
  • My first visit to the Google Head Office in Toronto
  • NB Spring 2016 Girls Night Out
  • RSVP 33 – Finding my fierce as I sign-up to dance for the firs time ever
  • Smart Girls Sweat event
  • Sold my current condo and purchased a new home


  • HIIT the Six with Fuel Training Club + Strive Life
  • Jays games
  • Purchasing a hammock – the best investment other than my new home this summer
  • Back on set for work creating content
  • Canadian Running Magazine My Style Feature published in print
  • First open water swim
  • Becoming an official member of the L.O.S.T. Swim Club
  • Attending “prom” thanks to Notable with my best
  • Open water swim with my Tribe Fitness sole sisters at Cherry Beach
  • Waterfront 10km + EPIC Tribe Fitness Cheer station


  • Toronto Triathlon Weekend with the Tribe Fitness fam
  • Completing my first triathlon
  • Seeing + meeting Lawrence Taylor live in Toronto
  • Tribe Yoga Jam 2016
  • Tribe Fitness Learn to Run Summer 2016
  • #SportsBraSquad
  • The Exchange with Fuel Training Club & Misfits Studio


  • Moving to my new home (4 days before I leave the country)
  • Seattle on my own & with my best from the west Dustin – too many adventures to count
  • SeaWheeze 2016 aka Tribe Tour 2016 – almost a week in one of my favourite cities with some of my favourite people
  • Pace Beaver Fever
  • The Ex
  • Friends getting married
  • Home improvements & decorating with my bestie bae


  • Taking on the fear of box jump at Fuel Training Club
  • Vega Shake Up TIFF Event
  • RSVP 33 Round 2
  • NB Girls Night Out Fall 2016
  • Monday night sprints with the Tribe Fitness fam
  • Jays Game Night with Tribe Fitness fam
  • Housewarming with those who mean the most to me
  • Saying goodbye to someone for good
  • Vega Shake Up at Union Station


  • STWM Weekend – cheering on race day, single runner project and celebrating the 2016 run season
  • Remembering where I’ve come from #everyBODYhasastory
  • Celebrating my Mom’s retirement


  • Dinner dates with my sole sisters
  • lululemon Toronto Legacy Relay
  • PR on Back Squat
  • Holly Jolly 5km Fun Run (new PR)


  • Reconnecting with old friends
  • More time on the spin bike
  • Friends With Hearts 2016
  • Being resilient
  • Saying goodbye to Grandad
  • Celebrating Christmas 2016

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