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If there is one word to summarize 2016 in terms of everything that happened during the 365 days I would have to say it was transformative. According to #2016bestnine I received 28,675 likes to 686 posts over the course of 2016 – that’s a lot of love from all of you who supported me in 2016!

Picture 1: Mississauga 1/2 Marathon Post-Race

This race was a test, it was a test of endurance and of a completely new training plan that I took on 8 weeks out from the race after I did a bit of damage to my ankle during the Chilly 1/2  Marathon. As my second 1/2 marathon it was my hope that I would PB and it was also my goal to run consistently for as much of the race that I could vs the 10:1 minute approach that I took at Chilly 1/2 Marathon. Needless to say the increase in strength training + swimming as I had to dial back my mileage on the pavement worked, I clocked a 10 minute PB during this race and continued to build my confidence of racing this 21.1km distance!

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Picture 2: Chilly 1/2 Marathon Post-Race

One of my biggest accomplishments of 2016 was completing my first 1/2 marathon, a starting line I wasn’t quite sure i would be willing to tackle when this whole run journey started. Training all winter allowed me to be prepared for any weather conditions on race day and running alongside my pace Cliff with the goal of utilizing 10:1 pace to get a feel for this distance as a race there was no time goal on the plan, just having fun in my hometown and finishing proud. Needless to say it was an emotional day, I actually fared quite well on the course and didn’t struggle too much, my parents surprised me two thirds of the way through the race and I finished feeling really happy with what I had achieved , so happy that it deserved a finish line selfie to share with the network of folks who had supported me so much on this journey.

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Picture 3: Scotia Waterfront Marathon Single Lady Cheer Sign Experiment

Oh the single life, it’s something I embrace and at the same time I try to branch out from. After being inspired by Kelly Roberts who is infamous for her NYC 1/2 Marathon where she took selfies with random guys I figured that I didn’t have much to lose when I decided to ask the run community via Facebook to submit ideas for a fun line I could write on a sign to hold up at the Tribe Fitness Cheer Station during the Scotiabank Marathon. While I did manage to secure a number of high-fives throughout the race from married men wishing me luck, ladies who were in awe of my willingness to hold up this sign and others randoms, nothing concrete came out of the experience initially. What it did lead to however is something that I am very proud of, this article written by my friends and fellow runner Ravi, an article that speaks to what running has taught me about myself so that I am more confident in my own skin single or as part of a duo.

Picture 4: Toronto Triathlon Festival Post-Race

Holding this medal after TTF was a big moment, after my failed attempted at my first triathlon in 2015 due to poor water temperatures at the Iron Girl Race in August I had worked extra hard this season to have a strong debut at TTF. The race was tough but I fought through it and it was extra special having all of the Tribe Fitness family out on the course to send love + cheers to throughout the race. This photo right here is motivation for 2017 and I can’t wait to take on more triathlons in the coming season!

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Picture 5: Toronto Triathlon Festival Pre-Race Kit Laydown

The whole purpose of this post was to really show ALL of the gear that is required for a triathlon without going overboard. I have to say it was a bit of an ordeal to take as I laid everything out on the driveway – including my bike – then proceeded to climb up a step ladder to capture the final overhead shot, but it was worth it! I wanted to be able to showcase everything I was taking with me to the race the next morning, to show those curious about what is required to race and how I was going to pack my kit for the big day.

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Picture 6: Toronto Triathlon Festival Pre-Race Bib Shot

Apparently my posts leading up to TTF were quite popular with my followers, thank you for all of the support throughout this weekend everyone!

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Picture 7: Holly Jolly 5km Fun Run Pre-Race

The Holly Jolly 5km Fun Run this year was a winter wonderland pre-race. I was pretty excited to be running throughout the city as it snowed – little did I know that I wouldn’t be able to feel my toes for the first bit of the race as a result. Before we hit the starting line Mark, Alex and I snapped this fun pic in the middle of the snow to capture this awesome race to cap-off the 2016 Tribe Fitness season!

Picture 8: Canada Running Magazine – My Style Story

Earlier this year I had the opportunity to be featured in Canada Running Magazine for the My Style Story feature. It was an awesome experience to share my style both in my 9-5pm life and on the pavement, the photo shoot was a lot of fun and I was grateful to have my coach Heather there as a mentor throughout the shoot since she’s a pro. 2016 was my first two-page spread and it will be interesting to see what 2017 has in-store for me as I continue to share my journey!

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Picture 9: The Social With My Coach

With 2016 coming to a close this shot was taken as Heather and I attended a taping of The Social in late November. We do more than just sweat together and attending the social together was a great opportunity to dress up and spend some time together outside of the pavement, pool, bike and yoga mat!

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